Help Collar 20 Giraffes

Twenty giraffe researchers from across the globe are traveling to South Africa in October 2017, to complete the most comprehensive study of giraffes ever attempted in a single location– to GPS collar and track a herd of 20 giraffes over a period of two years. These GPS collars enable the researchers to record the location of individual giraffe for up to 2 years with 24/7 readings. In such a cost-effective manner, data can be gathered on climatic factors, giraffe communication, social behaviour, home ranges; seasonal movements; human and giraffe interaction zones; as well as migration routes and the duration of the migration process. In order for this important project to move forward $24,000 will be needed. Any additional funds raised will go directly to support future giraffe research projects with this team, including a follow up documentary about the collaring event in October, 2017.