JOIN WITH US TO create awareness about conservation! educate and entertain your visitors! help save giraffes!

Zoo Partners Program

     In an effort to create a broad network of awareness for this film’s message we have developed the Zoo Partners Program. To help the news about giraffes’ population decline to go viral, we are seeking to partner with zoos that currently house giraffes in their facilities.

     Zoo Partners will be included in a special Thank You list on the film’s website, as well as in the rolling credits at the end of the documentary. More importantly, each Zoo Partner will have license to two unique videos to use at their zoo’s giraffe exhibit. The first video is a three minute short on the natural history of giraffes. The second is a two minute informational piece on the current conservation status of giraffes in the wild and what is being done to protect their population. 

     We will provide QR codes for Zoo Partners to use, which can easily be added to signage for giraffe exhibits already in place so there will be no need for new monitors or screens, as visitors may use their smart phones or tablets to view these videos. If desired, the videos can include customized zoo logos. The license to use the two films will last for ten years, and our editors will update the conservation video every three years in order to insure that the video stays relevant.

     These videos will educate and spread conservation awareness to zoo visitors, and will provide attendees with a new technological way to interact with wildlife. Along with getting to see giraffes first-hand, these videos will assist in creating a richer, more memorable giraffe experience for all zoo visitors. 

     For more information on how your zoo can become a Zoo Partner, please contact us by phone at +1-210-557-7469 or by email via our Contact form.